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Early Life


Alexandra Beltran was born in California to mixed parents. 

Beltran's father was of Filipino descent, and emigrated to California from Dasmariñas Cavite, Philippines. Her mother is of Spanish and Native American descent, and is originally from San Leandro, California. 

While Alexandra was in Elementary School, she lost her paternal great grandmother. At a young age, she went to the Philippines, for memorial services. It was there, that Beltran fell in love with performing. After buying a cassette tape of the Spice Girls, Beltran began performing in the Philippines for friends/family/neighbors. 

"It's really all so funny. I remember playing my cassette tape of the Spice Girls, and singing on the porch to anyone that would walk by. My family attached a play microphone to the long end of the dustpan, and let me sing for hours. 

My cousins would stand behind me, and we would make up dances to fit whatever mood of the song." 

-Beltran, speaking about her experiences of beginning her musical career

After returning to the United States, Beltran's father immediately enrolled her in private vocal lessons at Guitar Showcase. She began her education, under the instruction of Ted O' Bryan. 

Still in elementary school, Alexandra's grandmother opened up Lilibel's Cafe. Beltran credits her grandmother as being one of the driving forces in regards to her music. Alexandra was soon making money as a child, by singing at the restaurant. Customers would place a tip in her jar, and would pass the word to others about the young talent vocalizing at Lilibel's. 

Throughout the years, Beltran continued to follow her dream to become a musician. She has performed at the San Jose Summer Jazz Fest and at the prestigious Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California. In 2019, she was awarded by the "National League of American Pen Women" for her achievements in music.


Beltran has cited Amy Winehouse as a major influence in her work. She is also a fan of Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones, Natalie Cole, and Melody Gardot. 

Alexandra has also credited her father as being the biggest influence in her life. 

"Every song I sing, is in honor of my father. I owe all of my musical success to him. He gave me two of the greatest gifts: Love and music."

-Alexandra, speaking about her father's passing and his impact on her life

Personal Life

Alexandra has continued to keep music a big part of her life. With the help of her music instructor, Jim Bruno, Beltran has been able to learn skills and techniques to help her grow as a vocalist. She is currently the lead vocalist for the Retro Notes. On her down time, she enjoys visiting the record store and spending time with her family and friends. 

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